Logo Design & Branding

Araf — (Slow in welsh) Is an outdoor community with a focus on cycling and advocating steady as fuck adventures. This comes to fruition through events, articles and a club (Clwb).

Araf is a passion project of our creative director Chris who wants to make adventures into the outdoors more accessible through the message that going slow is ok, breaking down the barriers that you need to go far and fast to have a good time.



The Clwb was created as a community space that will always be free to join to encourage people to explore together. The community has been formed through Instagram and regularly holds meetups throughout the year, focusing on catering to all abilities. Currently this is centralised to Bristol but the goal is to expand this at some point in the future.



The Trigonnée is a simple concept. Combining a love of orienteering, cycling (randonneuring specifically) and trig points; the challenge of this event is to bag as many trig points within 24 hours. 2021 will see the 2nd year of the event, running with once again with support from local businesses as well as route partner Komoot it see people from all over the world getting out, route planning and exploring places they would not normally ride.