BASE is the Gym that’s revolutionising Bangkok’s fitness industry with a data-driven approach.


Logo, Branding, Web Design & Web Development

We had the pleasure of starting work with the BASE team before they even had a name for their Gym.

We worked with the team to identify the core principles that made their proposition different to the competition and built the BASE brand from there.

"Maya initially said we needed a brand that we were proud of and excited about, and they absolutely delivered this."

Jack Thomas - Founder & CEO


The brief was to create a high-end, modern and exciting brand that stood out against the industry norm for Thailand's fitness industry and that people would be proud to become a part of.

This was achieved by creating an iconic logo and elements for the brand that all tie into the tagline “BUILD YOUR BASE.” A powerful play on words which lay down the core principles for BASE.

"But we didn't just get a brand, we got an education on how to apply it, which proved invaluable as we moved from development to implementation."

Jack Thomas - Founder & CEO

"We get constant positive comments on the strength and feel of our brand and it's made BASE stand out proud in a crowded market."

Jack Thomas - Founder & CEO


One of the requirements of the website was to include the facility to purchase one off classes or memberships through the site.

We developed a system which integrates with BASE's booking systems using an API to create a seamless experience for users.


As well as working with BASE on their brand and website, we created social media and newsletter templates, marketing materials and a search engine optimisation strategy


We have worked with the BASE team to develop a unique system to track body composition and fitness markers to create BASEline. This is designed to motivate their clients and ensure they make progress.

Taking all of their knowledge and distilling it into a system of measurement, tracking and reporting was a fascinating challenge which now sits at the very core of their proposition.


BASE was able to secure a partnership deal with Adidas based on their innovative approach and supported by their branding and presentation before the gym had opened. On its launch the website and social media presence drove a lot of interest in BASE and helped to communicate what set it apart from the competition.

Since launch they have worked in partnership with the likes of GQ magazine as well as continuing their collaborations with Adidas whilst exceeding their membership targets and opened their second gym in spring 2018.

BASE has just won the "Best gym in Asia 2018." Fitness Best award.