Web Design, UI Design & Development

After making and supporting the BASE website for several years, BASE approached us to create a system for recording their users' workouts (the number of km run, the maximum weight lifted, etc.) that would allow their users to keep track of their progress, compare their results with other users and promote healthy competition.

The new system would have to be integrated with BASE's existing booking system in order to know what classes were happening and therefore which measurements should be taken. We would also have to implement a way for BASE to manage the different types of measurements being made while also allowing the system to keep control over how each measurement type is compared and displayed for consistency.

How we approached it

There were three parts to the project:

• Tablets for inputting measurements

• Screens for displaying leaderboards and top-ten lists

• A website for users to log into

We decided to use web-based systems for all of three sections as it would result in a quicker development time at this early prototype stage. The tablets use a web browser in kiosk mode and the screens user a Raspberry Pi with a web browser. Each of them loads the data from a central API, so if/when the tablets and screens are redeveloped with native apps they can continue to use the same data sources.

We rolled out the project in stages, starting with the tablets in order to gather realistic user data, followed by the screens in order to get users more invested in recording their data and finally the website that allows them to be more directly involved.


The response from the end users has been positive and while the full system hasn't been available to the public for long, we are already looking forward to see how it can be further developed and refined.

You can read from BASE's point of view here