Logo & Branding

Grōwan is a space in the beautiful English countryside specialising in events and retreats. Grōwan is the English word that means 'to grow'. This perfectly describes their hopes for this space, enabling growth for everyone who visits. The brand reflects this with earthy tones and traditionally inspired graphics that have been brought into a fresh and modern space. 

This is a Maya off-shoot project - a new retreat space in the Herefordshire countryside built by Adam and Sally.

The team created the brand and built the website last year but branding and websites being our day to day we couldn't help but tweak a little...

So over the past few months, the Grōwan brand has grown up, and we've built new parts to the website as we have needed them. Everything has been elevated.

The brand uses a colour palette of natural tones, wanting to reflect the physical surroundings of the space. In addition, we have created a set of motifs to create a visual language to represent the various aspects of the retreat space. These can be used in tiled compositions or animated and displayed across Grōwans channels.

The logo essentially has stayed the same but we have added some elements to the avatars.


We have created a series of animations to add movement to the iconography. The slow and subtle loops can be used on social media to extend the visual applications of the brand further.


We have created an easy to navigate website for Grōwan which allows us to manage their events and sell products through a Shopify eCommerce store, another revenue stream for the business.

The website changed only a little so we can include photography which we will update over the summer as we hold events, and new elements to the shop to event tickets.