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Vietnam has over 96 million people, less than 0.5% of people have an active gym membership compared to 25% in the USA. Hustle is going to change that.

"We love our brand! The website and overall brand are very high quality and represent what we were looking to showcase."

Erin Upton — Co-Founder & COO

Join the Hustle

Javier and Erin approached us to create a brand that stood out from the impersonal gyms in Vietnam and a website to support their offering.

Hustle is not only a gym but a community space for people to hang out in, have a smoothie and relax before and after a workout. We wanted to create separation from these spaces visually. We did this with a contrast of day and night inspired by Asian food markets that was under pinned with a spectrum of colour which uses softer pastel hues in the communal areas and brighter neon in the workout space.

We also developed a website to give them a platform to present their offering whilst managing their schedule and allowing customers to book classes.

Keep Hustlin'

The first gym is now open in Thao Dien, HCMC. Hustle already has plans to grow within Vietnam and internationally.