Pregnant Then Screwed

Pregnant Then Screwed is the leading charity working to end the motherhood penalty. They campaign on the issues that impact pregnant women and working mums, offering free advice while working for meaningful change.

The brief came to us as a website rebuild and we quickly recognised an opportunity to help transform the brand to reflect their true look, feel and voice. Pregnant Then Screwed's cause is one that we already stand behind. We feel passionate about working with people who want to make positive change and we were fired up from the off. After initial conversations, we agreed to embark on a full rebrand!

Our branding journey is inclusive. We encourage collaboration with clients and the chemistry was on point from the start. We were all singing from the same hymn sheet, so decisions were made with ease and at speed, to allow us to move through the process efficiently with very little distraction.

Our new website will be online tomorrow and it is so FIT I want to actually hump it.

Joeli Brearley - Found & Director

One of the outcomes is a logo that displays a strong and confident presence. Through the use of bold typography, mixed with multiple vibrant colours, it's a fun, easily recognisable identity and is flexible enough to be used in more serious applications. We created an icon that can be used alongside the primary logo, which we've called 'the bumps'. The marque is reflective of the voice of Pregnant Then Screwed and will be used to help connect the charity with their audience. It references speech marks and gives a subtle nod towards a baby bump.

We were really nervous selecting our agency. We had a huge vision, a modest budget and we’re used to working at a fast speed that often scares other people we partner with. But from the first chat we had with Maya, they put us at ease.

Lauren Fabianski - Campaigns & Communication Manager

It was important to us to work with a team that shared our work/life balance values and it was brilliant to see every member of the team worked 4 days a week or less. You might think this could slow a project down, but in fact the opposite has been true. It has meant we’ve been working with a team who are fully in the room and bursting with passion for their work, ready to run headfirst into things when they’re “in the office”.

Maya are well set up for remote working with their Cosmos software and considered processes that mean we didn’t have to waste any time or money schlepping to and from each other’s offices for meetings, as everything could be done online.

Lauren Fabianski - Campaigns & Communication Manager

The whole project was turned around in a matter of weeks, with a fixed launch date (International Women's Day) agreed. The outcome is a brand, refined tone of voice and a website that communicates the strength of this brand and its core purpose in a really positive way. We are all very happy with the outcome and look forward to continuing to support this amazing charity and all that it does.

I can honestly say I’ve never worked on a major project that has run as smoothly as this web build has. And that is in spite of Maya looking at our original brief and asking if they could go above and beyond with an additional piece of branding work. If they were stressed at all in this process, they never let it show. Every meeting the team showed up well prepared and they often anticipated any questions we were bring to the table.

I would work with them again in a heartbeat. It’s been a pleasure.

Lauren Fabianski - Campaigns & Communication Manager