Temwa Carbon Balance

Logo, Branding, Web Design & Web Development

Temwa approached us to create a website and brand for their flagship campaign — Temwa Carbon Balance. This was an opportunity to open up Temwa to a whole new demographic so we needed to make it feel approachable whilst still making it familiar to the existing audience.

"The whole team at Maya are a joy to work with, they worked to understand our charity needs, the market and the needs of our audience before starting the Carbon Balancing project."

Olivia Perry — Temwa UK Communications and Deputy Fundraising Manager

Baobab Tree

The Boabab tree is central to the work Temwa does. They are hugely important in Malawi culture which is where Temwa is working developing self-sufficient communities in hard-to-reach rural areas. We wanted to create a symbol that was recognisable as the Boabab but also easily distinguishable as a tree to those who have never seen one before.

We developed this symbol which also pairs up as a T for Temwa.

"They produced clever designs that help us stand out in this market, receiving high praise from industry leaders and worked under a very tight timeline to produce something stunning and user friendly. The team are highly skilled and flexible, with a great attention to detail and willingly offer sound advice."

Olivia Perry — Temwa UK Communications and Deputy Fundraising Manager

"We love working on projects with Maya, they offer a professional partnership, working with enthusiasm, clarity, flair and diligence. Thank you for going above and beyond for Temwa."

Olivia Perry — Temwa UK Communications and Deputy Fundraising Manager

Balance your carbon

The key goal of this project was to make it simple for people to offset their carbon by donating towards the plantation of trees.

We created a calculation and payment process which allows a user to estimate their donation based on their carbon travel and pay in the most efficient way possible, whilst also giving them flexibility to pay once or in monthly payments and contribute to Gift Aid if in the UK.

"Temwa Carbon Balance is already so successful because of the brilliant, simple and easy to use website."

Rich Potter — CTO Microsoft UK / Temwa UK Trustee Board Chair