YellowWood Adventures

UX, Web Design & Web Development

YellowWood curates holidays for the modern-day explorer, specialising in small group trekking and cultural tours.

We were approached to create a new website and booking management system that would improve process efficiency both for users and management and allow room for growth in the business. They also wanted to optimise their user experience to make the website more intuitive and improve the whole booking process from finding an adventure, booking it and then managing the booking and all the trip information up until the adventure starts and allowing for ease of repeat bookings.

Maya Agency designed and built our new website and it has completely revolutionised our business: Not only does it offer our clients a vastly improved customer journey to booking the right adventure for them in a beautifully crafted setting, it contains a huge amount of important country and itinerary-specific information, presented in a simple and effective way. Just as importantly, it is very easy for us at the backend to launch and schedule new and complex products, which means we can continue to grow as a company, both rapidly and nimbly.

Sam McManus, Managing Director, YellowWood Adventures

Maya supported us at every step of the process to create exactly what we needed; always responsive, and always patient to our often fussy demands, so the page designs and functionality fit together seamlessly. Their dedication and the painstaking amount of effort that went into producing quality workmanship never wavered throughout the project, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Sam McManus, Managing Director, YellowWood Adventures

User Experience

One of the big goals for this website was to improve usability. This involved addressing the whole site architecture and establishing where users were getting stuck and making the journeys more efficient and intuitive. The existing navigation had usability issues with readability and functionality so we looked at streamlining this and making it much clearer and consistent across the website. We also looked to create a more consistent structure across the whole website so that the users have a better expectation of how functionality was going to respond to their interactions.

YellowWood also wanted to improve the experience for their existing and repeat customers. This involved creating user accounts and a way for users to track and manage their bookings. We spent time developing the different booking journeys to make sure that there were no situations where a user was met with a dead-end resulting in site drop off.

Overall the site is much more organised, consistent and easier to navigate.

Web Design

Following on from improving the user journeys and site architecture we set out to create a much cleaner and usable web design that was optimised to work across all devices. It was important that we improved on experience for users on mobile and touch devices in order to increase conversions from these users.

CMS Management

While you can get some great results from WordPress, it's flexibility can come with a lot of baggage in the shape of potentially unused code to handle edge cases that you may not need. A flexible system will rarely be as efficient as a purpose-built one. This problem was showing on the previous YellowWood site, where a page could take several seconds to load even with a good internet connection.

In its place put together a custom CMS that provides all the facilities you'd expect; Easy and intuitive access to the content you're looking for, searching, filtering and the ability to edit and administer all that content. While users can easily book through the website, if YellowWood have a client that isn't tech-savvy, they can just as easily have a chat over the phone and an admin can set up a user account, put together a booking, generate invoices and get everything sorted all through the CMS.

Bookings & User Accounts

While a core value of YellowWood's business is human interaction, it's also important for clients that they can access and update their booking information at any time. To this end, we've built an end-to-end booking flow that incorporates user registration, bookings and payments as one cohesive system on on the site.

Users are able to begin the process as soon as they see an Adventure they like, and make bookings with a minimum of required information. We've added a section for filling in all the little details later, which then notifies YellowWood so that they can always stay informed about how their clients are getting on. YellowWood are also notified when it gets close to a Trip departing when details haven't been provided, helping the admins to get in touch with any clients that need it and offer a friendly nudge.

The invoicing system allows YellowWood staff to easily and quickly put together invoices, either by generating them based on the contents of a booking or by providing a blank canvas in which to built up any supplementary payments that arise from personal conversations. Clients can track and pay invoices at any point and receive a reminder email on the due date.


Booking process time internally has been reduced by over half.